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So, my parents are keen viewers of the new Danish-language political drama (currently showing in the UK on BBC4), called Borgen.  I have been half-watching a couple of episodes - and it hasn't really grabbed me yet, as I've missed most of the set-up, so don't really feel invested in any of the characters yet - however, I did enjoy the moment in last night's episode, where the ambitious blonde journalist is woken from sleep by a hammering at her front door,
cut for potential spoilery-ness... )
  I was impressed by a) her quick thinking, b) her lack of body consciousness, and c) the programme's refusal to follow cliche!

Another thing I like about this programme - the relationship between the (female) Prime Minister and her (house) husband, which is equal and warm and funny and tender and mutually supportive.  Refreshing stuff!

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Is it wrong that I am completely addicted to Animal Cops Detroit?!

I love the Aussie Pet Rescue too - and I can't help noticing that, in contrast, the UK RSPCA and Pet Rescue programmes look like a lot of dithering about and hand-waving over nothing...  :-(  At least in the US and Oz versions, they get out there and actually HELP the animals.*

I also want to adopt most of the dogs from the ACD programme, so it's probably lucky that it isn't based in the UK!


* I have to confess to unhappy associations with UK RSPCA as my family rehomed a puppy from them which had to be put down after they failed to notice that it had sarcoptic mange.  The whole litter had been rehomed with this horrible skin condition, which the vet said was so severe that they must have had it from birth, and the centre had never picked it up.  It was a really traumatic experience for us, and the puppy never recovered.  So, not very impressed really.


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