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Ok, ok, it was very pretty - there was a sparkling layer of frost on everything - grass, tree branches, dead leaves, rails - all looking just like fairyland.  BUT, yet again it was too frozen to be able to actually RIDE!  I do like going down and doing the horsey stuff - mucking out is a very good warm-up even in really freezing weather, and I had a really thorough and satisfying clear-out of M's bed, so that I would have been happy to sleep on it tonight!  I hoicked out all the frozen bits of ice from his water bowl.  I soaked hay, and made up feed, and navigated the laden wheelbarrow up the frozen ramp to the muck heap.  But I had almost no actual horse-time, except for putting M out into the field when I first arrived.  He gets very impatient to be out even in the worst of weather, so is in no mood to stand around and coffee-house.  He wants to be OUT, and NOW!

(This is turning out to be a very CAPS heavy post...)

I am HOPING that the weather tomorrow is milder - I've got the afternoon shift tomorrow, so with luck even if there is frost on the ground in the morning, it will be ok to ride by lunch-time.  Keep your fingers crossed, internets!

In other news - I CAN HAZ SHINIEZ!!!  I am very excited - [livejournal.com profile] elisem earrings are on their way to me!  I will try and post pictures when they arrive.  They are called 'Asking the Owl About Eternity' and they spoke to me because owls mean Athena and wisdom - and I completed my PhD about 3 years ago, and since then I've been trying to learn a different sort of wisdom (than the intellectual kind) and the earrings look like they would be a Useful Reminder.

Also, yesterday I had dinner with my parents and one of my sisters, and we made pizzas from scratch, with homemade dough, and they were DELICIOUS!!  Mine had on it: Dolmio tomato sauce as the base, then onions, peppers (red and yellow), asparagus, mozarella, feta, basil and some olive oil drizzled over and it tasted AMAZING!

On the writing front, I have slacked off today - I didn't have time to write first thing this morning, and I have not yet managed to stop procrastinating this afternoon (there are just so MANY interesting things on the interwebs)...  I am still resting in hope that I will write my 250 target words for today, and then I've got to write 500 tomorrow.

I was Mighty today.  When I got back from the yard, I stacked and set off dishwasher, had lunch, went over the road to talk to personal trainer guy about possibilities, washed the mould off the wall next to my bed, dried off the wall next to my bed, hoovered the floors of the sitting room, hall and my bedroom, took the baubles and decorations off the (dead) Christmas tree, hoovered floors again (Xmas tree needles), changed my bedclothes (Lovely New Bedclothes... mmm!), unstacked the dishwasher and then keeled over in a pale, interesting heap!

Right, words now!  Onward!


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