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So, a friend of mine asked me if I had any paleo recipe websites that I would recommend, and before I knew it, I had a list of ten, so I thought I'd cut and paste here, in case anyone else would find it helpful! I don't currently eat strictly paleo, but it's a good shorthand for whole food and gluten free, and then I tweak the recipes as necessary for my tastes!

1) http://nomnompaleo.com/ - a really great selection of recipes - many of them are Whole 30 or 21 Day Sugar Detox compliant (less so the latter) - and they all look pretty yummy! Fairly easy to navigate site, and very well presented recipes. I have made quite a few recipes from this site (which is unusual for me) and they have all turned out really well.

2) http://www.thepaleomom.com/ - this is much more scientific and technical, and the recipes are less to my taste, but she focuses a lot on auto-immune and other diet restrictions - so this is a really good one for FODMAP etc friendly recipes, though for me, the food doesn't quite hit the spot in the same way. Also really good if you are interested in the technical scientific detail of why some foods cause issues, and exactly what they are doing to the body to cause those issues.

3) http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/ - Melissa Joulwan - again the recipes come closer to hitting the spot here, though I don't tend to use it so often.

4) http://whole30.com/category/recipes/ - I really like the Whole30 ethos, and I've given my dad their "It Starts With Food" book, which hopefully will help him understand what changes to make to his diet a bit better! It's straightforward to do, but may not work well for people who need more severe diet restrictions - but I think it's a really great gateway for people looking to transition to a healthier diet, but not sure where to start.

5) http://www.sarahwilson.com/category/recipes-i-love/ - these are specifically sugar-free rather than paleo but also interesting and a interesting looking blog!

6) http://glutenfreegirl.com/recipes/ - I have two of her recipe books, and these are a bit more outside my comfort zone as far as food choices (I'm not an adventurous eater!), but I like the style and ethos of it and there's lots of originality and creativity here!

7) http://21daysugardetox.com/recipes/ - again more about quitting sugar than paleo, but I think it also ends up being paleo-friendly but haven't checked!

8) http://elanaspantry.com/gluten-free-recipes/ - I haven't cooked any recipes from this one yet, but I've seen her recommended quite a lot

9) http://slimpalate.com/ - another one that I haven't cooked anything from, but again comes well recommended and looks incredibly stylish!

10) http://urbanposer.blogspot.co.uk/p/all-recipes.html - ditto! ;-)

Date: 2015-01-18 11:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] megfuzzle.livejournal.com
great list! We don't do strictly paleo, but I do like to eat this way a few times a week!


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